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Studium, loosely translated as zeal, introduces you to the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and volunteers whose remarkable energy and drive have forged Belmont Hill’s mark of excellence throughout 100 years. 



Throughout our 100 years, the exuberance and energy of the students have helped to mold the culture of our school. Please enjoy looking through to see our graduates, full-school photographs from our early history, seniors who have been recognized in the highest degree, and the everyday culture of Belmont Hill.


From the establishment of the school, Dr. Howe, our founding headmaster, instilled the idea of teachers as coaches. As described in The Education of a Modern Boy, Dr. Howe pushed for the employment of only faculty coaches and for no professional coaches to be hired. He believed that professional coaches would take away from learning the meaning of true sportsmanship.


As a testament to our school, our network of approximately 4,000 alumni is incredibly strong and vibrant. Our alumni give back to our school through their engagement and remarkable generosity, often visiting campus to attend several annual events. We also recognize those who have made an impact outside of our community.

Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are the heart of the school. They have remained dedicated over the past 100 years to ensure the development of young boys and the success of our school.


The Belmont Hill Board of Trustees and Corporation advise and support specific aspects of institutional planning and serve as informed advocates for the School.


Without the help of our parent and alumni volunteers the School wouldn't be where it is today. Their drive to support our students and employees is second to none, and their continued dedication to the success of our school is truly inspiring.