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Growth of Funds

Campaign History

JULY 1968
Progress Fund Inaugurated

The School was in need of an endowment fund, to be relied upon to make up the difference of the operating costs. The Progress Fund was created from this, and $1 million dollars was pledged by March 6, 1969.

JUNE 1973
50th Anniversary Campaign

For the 50th anniversary, the School set out to raise $2 million and did so in a tremendous feat.

Excellence in the 80s - A Campaign for Belmont Hill

The goal of the campaign was to raise $6 million in capital funds for the improvement of facilities and the endowment for faculty salaries. The final campaign achievement was $6,114,000.

75th Anniversary Campaign 

The School celebrated its 75th Anniversary with the goal of raising $25 million. The campaign aimed to enable the School to revitalize our campus and physical plant for the benefit of current and future students and faculty. In a tremendous achievement, a total of $42.2 million was raised.

The Campaign for Belmont Hill 

The Campaign for Belmont Hill was a capital drive, with a goal of $75 million, that focused on raising the endowment for financial aid and faculty salaries. The community drove past its goals with a final total of $78 million. 

Melvoin Academic Center
Families in the Belmont Hill Community established a $6 million challenge and matched community contributions dollar-for-dollar. A total of $14.5 million was raised, including three seven-figure gifts and 28 six-figure plus benefactors. Parents contributed a total of $10.3 million, and Alumni contributed a total of $4.2 million.

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Annual Fund

The Annual Fund provides direct support every day for the School's most crucial needs. It supports scholarships for students, helps us hire and retain the best faculty, enriches the curriculum, and strengthens every program, facility, and resource on campus. Because annual gifts are unrestricted, they allow us to move with agility to address our most pressing challenges. The Annual Fund enables us to close the substantial gap between what we charge in tuition and the full, true cost of a Belmont Hill education. To keep pace with inflation and to continue to broaden learning opportunities for students, the Annual Fund must grow. Capital gifts are not enough; the Annual Fund remains as critical as ever.

Annual Fund Growth


A stronger endowment is vital to the future of Belmont Hill. The endowment is the key to the School's fiscal well-being, providing both short-term funding for operating needs and long-term financial security. To make an unprecedented investment in our students and faculty, the Board of Trustees has committed to seeing at least half of the capital funds from The Centennial Campaign designated to endowment.

Endowment Growth

Endowment Funds

Belmont Hill’s endowment earnings underwrite financial aid and support faculty, programs, building maintenance, and other school activities, and also provide financial stability for the future. Funds established for long-term investment are of two types: (1) permanently restricted endowment funds established by donors who specify that the principal must be retained intact in perpetuity, and (2) funds functioning as endowment, which give the trustees of the School some flexibility with regard to use of the funds. Donors may state a preferred use, but permit the trustees of future generations the flexibility to respond to changing circumstances. For the Endowed Chairs, the generosity of our donors, even as they help build the School’s endowment, allows us to honor great faculty members who have served Belmont Hill so admirably.

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