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Early Years of Fall Athletics

Football has been an integral part of Belmont Hill athletics from the very beginning, especially since it was the only fall athletic team for the first couple of decades. Both intramural and interscholastic seasons took place in the first years. The varsity team was not official until 1926, so intramural football games were very important in the first few years.

Photographs from the School Log Scrapbook, 1923-1925.

Every student was separated into Red and Blue teams, which stuck with them until they graduated. Above, the Red and Blue teams face off.

Information about the football team's second season scores and the Red & Blue intramural scores (School Log Scrapbook 1923-1925).

The football season was short, but they faced similar opponents.

Game against Brown and Nichols (School Log Scrapbook 1923-1925)

Football games took place where the soccer field is now. Before this field was built, teams found spots of land where they could go to play. Above, the photograph shows Shaler House, now Howe House, in the background.

1924 Football Team Photo (Photograph Collection)

Among others, the Martin brothers (Kenneth, Francis, and Roger) were integral to the team. They can be found in the team photo above, with Roger in the second row and Kenneth and Francis in the first row.

Photographs from the School Log Scrapbook, 1926-1928.

The photographs above show one of the football team's home games. In the lower photo, you can see how the campus has developed with the construction of Eliot.

1927 football schedule (School Log Scrapbook, 1926-1928)

The 1927 football season ended at an even 3-3 record. Notably, the last game of the season was played against Dummer Academy, now Governor's Academy.

Candid of the 1930 varsity football team (Photograph Collection)

1934 varsity football team (Photograph Collection)

As you can see from the photographs, the equipment was minimal. The uniform included blue and red stripes as well as sticky materials for easier catching, and the helmet consisted of a leather cap.

1939 football team (Photograph Collection)

G.W. Finch Keller, faculty member from 1925-1957, was a prominent coach of many teams (far left). He helped to create our original interscholastic school league.

1941 varsity football Team (Photograph Collection)

As one of the founding teams of Belmont Hill athletics, the football team paved the way for the success of the other teams, especially with the soccer team, originating in 1947, and the cross country team, in 1970.

1950 varsity soccer team (Photograph Collection)

Candid of the 1970 cross country team (Photograph Collection)

The films below show both home and away games against some of our usual opponents of today.

Belmont Hill vs. Nobles/Brooks - 1932

Belmont Hill vs. Roxbury Latin - 1932